Song: Pain
Now listen, I wanna tell you a story:
The day before yesterday I was happy and healthy,
everything was good, the sun was shining,
butterflies fluttering, the neighbours friendly laughing...
...until yesterday. Yesterday I felt a little pain in my gut.
I thought: let’s ask a specialist, so I went to my GP,
he said: wait a minute, why did you come?
I came because of this pain in my gut.

Do you have any fever?
Do you feel any pain anywhere?
Are you short of breath?
What’s your blood pressure in your veins?

I tell you:
Any new pain associated with noticeable shortness of breath warrants an appointment with me,
unless it’s part of an ongoing condition, such as diarrhoea, that you are used to dealing with yourself.
A resting respiratory rate of more than 30 breaths per minute is a red flag, a red flag!

Do you have any fever?
Do you feel any pain anywhere?
Did you loose your appetite?
Too high pressure in your veins?

Although most people think that the longer a pain goes they are to need antibiotics.
It takes two or three weeks to clear up, but infection is not the only cause of pains.
And this a probably damage to your heart, and problems, problems and cancer, cancer!
Now don’t get a cold, you won’t get old.
Don’t get a cold, you won’t get old.
Any questions?
How long will you live?
You think, you want to live forever?

(Text & Musik: S. Winter)